About GeoGov Summit

Today more than ever, location-driven insights are becoming deeply integrated across the workflows, processes, and applications of industries, user communities, and citizens. As decisions within government, businesses, and citizenry are driven increasingly by location-based insights, geospatial data serves as an underpinning component in achieving a knowledge economy - creating greater efficiency, productivity, transparency, and responsiveness to the needs of our society, the economy, and the environment. This trend along with the growing pace of innovation and transformation in the geospatial industry, new and significant opportunities will emerge to further strengthen the critical role of geospatial information in addressing the myriad of challenges we face as a nation and as a global society.

The GeoGov Summit 2023 event will convene a high-level and forward-looking G2G and G2B forum of leaders and experts from across government, industry, NGOs, and academia to identify and explore opportunities to enhance our national geospatial strategy and governance approach, and our Geospatial Infrastructure in support of National Development – improving government services, the economy, environment, and citizen quality of life.

GeoGov Summit 2023 will focus on the following objectives and outcomes:

  • Facilitating discussions to understand and estimate the underpinning role of geospatial information in the US economy and society
  • Understanding directions and dimensions of primary user industries and their perspectives and expectations from government
  • Considering a national approach towards incubation and innovation in advancing location data, applications, and supporting infrastructure
  • Exploring new avenues for national collaborative governance
  • Recommending and prioritizing key strategies and approaches for action

GeoGov Summit 2023 will include emphasis on a range of key areas of challenge, opportunity, and technology enablement, including:

  • Government Priorities: Climate Change, Infrastructure, Health, Emergency Management, Defense, and Space Security
  • Innovative / Emerging Technologies: 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twins, Autonomous Systems, Resilient PNT, Indoor Positioning, and Metaverse
  • Policy Formulation Strategies: Data Sovereignty and Privacy, Resilient PNT, Geospatial Platforms, and Public Private Partnerships

The GeoGov 2023 Summit is brought to you by Geospatial World, a global think tank actively involved in raising awareness regarding the use of geospatial data and technologies among governments, policy makers, businesses, and the public at large for the past 25 years through its media, events, and consultancy divisions.


GeoGov Summit 2023 has been conceptualized with a vision to bring a forward-thinking approach to governance to promote the adoption and interoperability of geospatial and allied technologies in all walks of life in an inclusive and equitable manner.

It aims to be a forum for learning, generation of ideas, and open discussions between decision makers in the government and the geospatial industry leaders to come together to formulate strategies to steer the industry to meet the demands of the coming times.


To initiate public policy conversations between the representatives of the government and industry leaders to weave geospatial information and technology into national policy frameworks and trade policy strategies.